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Signs of Infidelity

Once a person begins cheating, it is difficult for most people to hide it.  He or she will begin to exhibit signs of cheating at some point during the affair.  However, it has been determined that generally speaking, women tend to be more clever when it comes to maintaining secrecy of their actions.  The best action to take is to monitor the spouse’s behavior for a matter of weeks, including inspecting panties and other clothing worn.  Most suspicions of cheating can then be confirmed through forensic DNA testing and/or semen detection testing.  These analysis reports can provide evidence of the affair to confirm your suspicions.


Below are some examples of noticeably suspicious behaviors that are commonly exhibited by the cheating spouse.


  • Increase in time away from home 
  • Lack of affection or interest in sex with you or tries new sexual techniques with you 
  • Constantly distracted and/or angers easily 
  • Seems confused or insecure; acts defensively or fidgety 
  • Finds more fault in you and initiates more fights 
  • Does not answer your calls at work or when away from home 
  • Says he/she is working over-time but does not have over-time pay 
  • Leaves the room when talking on the phone to someone else 
  • Higher than usual car mileage 
  • Cleans out the car more frequently or before you get in 
  • Wants to go out by themselves more often, even if just to pick up dinner and tells you not to come 
  • Buys new clothes, lingerie, and/or perfume 
  • Begins to pay more attention to his/her own personal hygiene and appearance 
  • Begins working out more, goes tanning, or gets a bikini wax and has not done so before 
  • Has receipts for items you do not recognize 
  • Begins using a new, private email account or changes computer passwords 
  • Wants to go out with “friends” more and does not include you 
  • Hides cell phone and credit card statements or shreds them promptly 
  • Spends more time with a certain member of the opposite sex and says they are just friends 
  • Comes home after being out and immediately washes clothing or takes a shower 
  • Has changes or contradictions in their story of where they have been and who they were with 
  • When questioned about the possibility of an affair, is quick to anger and then turns the situation around on you 


A spouse is most likely to cheat with someone he or she already knows, such as a person he or she works with or a friend.  If you begin having suspicions that your partner is cheating, it is best to first monitor their behavior before saying anything.  Make a list to see if you notice any of the signs listed above.  Next, pay attention to his or her clothing.  It is best to get confirmation or proof of an affair through semen and saliva detection along with DNA testing before you confront your spouse.

For men monitoring their wives or girlfriends, pay special attention to which panties she is wearing on the days she is acting suspicious.  Obtain the panties and be careful not to touch the inside.  Place the panties inside a paper bag or envelope (not plastic) and send to us for the semen detection and saliva detection tests.  If positive for semen or saliva, we can then perform a DNA extraction to obtain the DNA profile and compare to your DNA via cheek swab collection.  If the DNA found on her panties does not match your DNA, this will provide confirmation of an affair.  Also, note the last time you had sexual intercourse with her, as this will help us when interpreting the result.   For women, obtain a pair of his boxer shorts or briefs.  We will test the outside of the garment for semen and/or female DNA.


All semen and saliva detection tests as well as DNA tests include a full report and analysis.  We will discuss the outcome of the test with you in detail and protect your privacy with absolute confidentiality.  See actual test reports at this link.